Three tasks for this month

    These days I undertood drizzle better as a whole picture in additon to storage engine.Thanks to Jay’s slides. They are very good resources for newcomers to drizzle. Before adding multi-column record feature and index feature to cloud-based storage engine, I will first finish following 3 tasks in this month.

  Task 1 Code clean up and refractoring
I had managed to port mysql-awss3 to drizzle when I applied this project. This work involved lots of “copy and paste”, which was more about “make it work”. I need go through all existing code to do some necessary refractoring, fix bugs and adjust code style to drizzle standard.

  Task 2 Pass cloud service information into storage engine
Authentication information of cloud service like S3 key id and key value is hard-coded for now. I need to figure out a way how to pass it into storage engine. I find that Zimin has begun to solve the same probem and a blueprint has been registered.

  Task 3 Support Rackspace Cloud File

Cloud cursor now have some private member function to do S3 operations like getting bucket list and putting an object. To support Rackspace, I plan to create a new class as cloud service utility with all necessary virtual methods. Two sub classes for S3 and Rackspace are responsible for implementation for these methods. Cousor has a reference of this unitily which is instansiated according to engine option.

There will be a webinar for new drizzle developer on 15th May. The agenda presented by Jay pipes looks great. Most of my concerned problema will be addressed. Thanks Jay!

Looking forward to meeting you drizzle guys in webinar:)

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One Response to Three tasks for this month

  1. Jay Pipes says:

    Can’t wait to present on Friday. Should be lots of fun!

    Great job with your blog so far. I’m looking forward to see your progress on this project 🙂



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